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Forest and timber, currently used for construction, have a wide range and variety. The main material of construction lumber, applicable to today's construction sites and not only is wood. (As opposed to Expert on growth strategy). Wood, as is known, has a number of advantages. First, wood lumber very easily processed timber strong enough, and inter alia, the tree has a low thermal conductivity. Wood, which is used for the manufacture of construction lumber, it is mainly conifers and deciduous trees.

Softwood lumber made from such woods as pine, spruce, fir, larch and cedar. Due to the possession of certain advantages that can not boast of hardwood, softwood lumber are much greater demand than lumber from hardwood trees. These benefits include, for example, better quality timber, straight trunk. Particularly important place in the market today take lumber softwood lumber from spruce, because the spruce is strong enough, but nevertheless easily recyclable timber. The main advantage of lumber from spruce, such as edging board, beam, in comparison with deciduous timber, lies in the fact that they are less hydrophilic. Edged board, widely used in currently in construction is mainly made of wood softwoods such as spruce and pine. Why is it of fir and pine, you wonder? And all because, as spruce and pine – a soft wood, then edged board will have better technical properties, and, accordingly, long service life. The main drawback of softwood lumber is a self-ignition, which may be due to the fact that coniferous trees contain resinous substance which, when elevated temperatures are beginning to speak out.

Sawn hardwood sawed, mainly from the following wood species: aspen, linden, birch and oak. Sawn timber produced from hardwood trees, divided on the board edging and edging, timber edging and edging. For the purposes of construction and manufacturing are now in great demand edged lumber than any uncut timber. One can not noted advantages of hardwood lumber, for example, birch timber have greater density and almost 35 percent stronger than softwood lumber produced from spruce and pine. In comparison with softwood lumber, hardwood lumber slightly inferior to them strength and density. Sawn hardwoods possess disadvantages, for example, the rapid decay of wood in order to eliminate rapid decay, hardwood must be carefully dried, and then another, and carefully treated with antiseptics. Used lumber hardwood for filing ceiling linings partitions and walls for interior architectural details. Softwood lumber have been successfully used in construction and in the manufacture of dreveiny. Lumber sold in our country, compulsorily undergo quality control and meet all necessary standards.


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