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Conclusions, Resolutions Of The G-8 Summit Held In Japan

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The catastrophe that concern you so often turns out to be less horrible in reality, than it was in your imagination Wayne W. Dyer As expected, the final conclusions reached at the summit was divided, some believe that favorable to the objectives set, others not. The curious as well what masvoces.org recounts., The presidents of the world's richest countries, welcomed the findings on the food crisis with a great feast in a luxury hotel on the island Hokkaido. Go to Crown land for more information. Your hosts recruited 27 Japanese chefs to offer delicacies worthy of the most refined palates. Over high food prices, which threatens millions of people, the G5, only he was willing to explore options to ensure food security.

G8 leaders noted that the food crisis is not a problem caused by the developing countries, so the international community demanded a quick solution of the problem blamed in part to agricultural subsidies in rich countries give distorting trade and hampered the development of food production capacity in developing countries, critically reducing their possibilities of reaction to the crisis. The eight most industrialized countries, were satisfied to have been able to sign an agreement on global warming, despite the assumed target of reducing CO2 emissions was set at half of 2050 and did not include any specific target to medium term, as emerging countries demanded. It adds that it was equally vague about his approach to the global food crisis, despite the urgings of the UN. The agreement was described as a success for Japan, EU, USA.


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