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The true facts or physically impossible not pose a threat and are not covered by insurance contract. The risk of death is an insurable risk over time might occur. a Risk Insured or Cloudy. – It provides the insurance contract, what and when you start, regardless of their improvement, which can start tacimente after delivery of the policy (with the certificate of coverage) or the payment of the premium (must keep receipts for payment) a IMPORTANT. – When reviewing an insurance contract the insured risk, it is important to monitor the following: o The pre-contractual statement of risk. or analyze the provisions for inclusion and exclusion of risk.

These elements tieneque be accurate and also not have to eliminate the risk insured, so that you an effective Risk Individualization. a Are all risks insurable? According to the Commercial Code Article 980, 984 and 986 provides a free risk assessment, so long as: o Sean uncertain and physically possible, or Nosean willful or in bad faith: (1038) or acts are not power of the insured, or Of course, not wrongful. Ensure eg a drug shipment. or Causai, insurable interest. – It is the legal relationship a " economic value economic links to the insured with the object or property insured. Without insurable interest is not secure. Does the insured must necessarily exist from the source or the perfection of the contract? Not necessarily. Can exist from the moment that comes Coverage. An object may have different economic and legal relations insurable interest: eg What unites them is: a Property Relationship Usufruct propietariaa The relationship usufructuariaa Leasing arrendatariPor relationship on the same object that may fall a separate insurance , eg, A part of a fire insurance for a house by an owner, there is a security insurance of the owner to secure their debt to the bank for payment of their house to run.


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