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Introduction the problem of housing is a topic widely discussed by numerous theorists, scientists and technologists specialists from different disciplines. However, although it is a problem widely analyzed from different approaches is necessary to treat it in the light of the local context and the conditions prevailing at this time. For this reason I will raise the issue only with regard to elucidate the conditions in which this problem occurs in this city and in this moment. On the other hand, asserts that the housing problem is not an issue caused by issues of technological type but rather in the field of the political, economic and social. Tedeschi (1972), referring to the problem of housing said: certainly technical procedures may contribute to increase the chances of effectively addressing the problem, but the real solutions are not in the field of technique, but in the economy and the social. Basically, what happens is the inputs of the workers of the categories humble are generally insufficient to solve a family’s basic needs: food, clothing, accommodation, health, education, leisure. (p.

141) given statements like the Tedeschi, it is necessary to recognize that the segment’s contribution of technology about the housing problem, is limited compared to the importance which can take the politics or the economy. However, it is the fraction of the problem upon which focuses this research and is the part that represents the object of greatest interest for this study. Although this study investigated housing aspects urban growth and development of marginal housing on the outskirts… Cities don’t stop growing, influenced by capitalist development which requires populations to migrate to urban centres seeking opportunities (Garcia, 2007). One of the common characteristics of this growth is the expansion of urban sprawl, which obliges the occupation of the territorial reserves, making them areas rural to urban. In this sense, productive and urban development in big cities play a role of paramount importance in the economy because it is responsible for providing the technological support, legal, financial services firms, labor the and other resources needed to integrate its production chain.


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