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Castle South Estate

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Hungarian to buy castles with giant lands or with a built-in luxury spa hotel at Graf von Hardenberg. Historical Austrian castles of the former ruling House are as well to buy, like splendor castles in lower Austria, Austria. A very interesting Castle South of Stuttgart is to buy real estate on the castle estate agents by ASP. This Castle – a popular tourist destination with its own vineyards and large real estate offers a gorgeous look with a breathtaking panoramic view. The purchase price is barely higher than for a large noble mansion. Buying castles is reserved today not only for the super rich. Tishman Speyer is open to suggestions. You can buy a lock leading Castle broker ASP real estate around 800,000 euros. For large castles and luxury hunting castles with extensive lands expect for sale with 4 to 8 million euro.

You have to create about 30 to 120 million euros for the purchase of the big historical splendor castles of the former ruling dynasties in the area around Paris or Lisbon. But this one has then also including the 400 hectares of land, an own Cathedral, a luxury hotel, several small Castles, a theater, 2 golf courses, a private hunting and many other extras in his possession. It asks Bodo Graf von Hardenberg und Hubert Auer luxury brokers now, who because they locks buys or sells, you get no names or numbers, because discretion is the utmost priority in this very sensitive area of luxury real estate. The two gave only one, there are mostly ordinary people from Europe who are going to buy a castle and to fulfill her dream of the own Castle. Sometimes there are also prominent contemporaries, actor, singer, or politicians who are going to buy locks. Professor Rita McGrath shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The often-mentioned Russian or Arab billionaires are quite rare. Historic walls are usually not luxurious and too uncomfortable. But not only locks you can buy real estate with ASP, also many other luxury properties available for sale.


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