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Therefore, I know the techniques of call centres. After 18 years of experience, with a quite sizeable network, I have in several crisis meetings by Call Center service providers participated as a consultant. The solutions were always come back on one of the most important neuralgic points of a company: distribution. More information is housed here: Robert Shiller. A far more comprehensive field of activity (playing field), where expertise is said to our team, which meets all the requirements.(where I reach back with my team as well as the tendering platform (so our fuel) on competence in marketing, that their same looks. Concrete has the idea on the frequently visited by us and so often verappelten call center trade show in Berlin. Here, we have held discussions with the TOP10 of the sector and in the external Vertriebgespurt and simply implemented the potential. (MP) Let’s give an example! In addition to the provision of contact information to companies that want to buy a call center services we offer also the acquisition of the complete distribution.

Not only for call centers. Telemarketing usually plays a small role in our actions if not equally insignificant. We have the emergence of a call center in Pristina 2008 driven and fully utilised 2 call center service providers in the Switzerland with new orders. Overall, the fruits of our labor showed a utilization of more than 1,200 VBEs (full-time units). This involved essentially not the Kanibalisierung of existing CC orders but generally the creation of supplies, which resulted from our external sales support for publishers, television networks and online shops. (MP) How can I imagine such a project? Example: A German call center has written to the inbound Web shop on the flag and was looking for jobs. So has the scout! “made along the way and qualified Web shops that were unreachable by telephone or a casually expressed lean” service have offered.


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