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Lawyers in recent years, often in contact with cases where people who are property owners, there are some serious problems. This is the version where part of housing for sale is not a relative, and third party. Now there's a new direction – the raid. Specialists in this field exist for what to avoid unpleasant situations with real estate fraud. A second option of avoiding frauds can serve treatment in the real estate agency staff estate agency advised in such situations to behave this way: The owner of your apartment is going to sell it. There still try to talk and agree on a buyout its share. If the price is well too high for you, arrange to defer payment.

The seller of the apartment can assign absolutely any amount. Here you are powerless. You have no money, then make out a mortgage on an apartment, buy out in this way. In this version requires several months or six months for the registration of all securities. Seller shall you go to a meeting. You can enter into correspondence with the seller of a notary. Best answer to each question counter-questions: Payments as would happen? The seller, what form of assurances want? Such issues may be many. But remember that to pull such correspondence also makes no sense, it does not help you avoid foreclosure share of housing, you win a little time.

Do not forget, the law on the side of the seller. Keep him on good terms. It is best to negotiate peacefully. It is noteworthy that another option out of the situation, in case of sale of a stake in your apartment, besides buying this part, no. In another option, you just may be the victim of people who want to buy shares in your apartment. You need to buy the shares already have them, and at a much higher cost, are often too overestimated. To sell their part in this apartment, will be very difficult, as it already belongs to multiple owners. Specialists real estate agency says that in our legislation poorly reflect all transactions, which are connected with the purchase of the apartments and it is necessary to enact new laws.


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