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The Rhein-Sieg-Kreis is since May 2009 to a new large Internet portal around the rich leisure activities. “Objective: the attractive leisure activities of the Rhein-Sieg district, entire bundle the question what events take place today” has led so far to cumbersome search on dozens of websites. Search across many individual pages causes interesting activities on Web pages of smaller Organizer here but inevitably missed. Rhine victory Freizeit.de – or short RSF – now offers the solution. The objective of new Portales is all information about cultural events, weekend, and leisure, as well as going out, eating out and trips to the district only a Web page to run together, and so the great leisure community of the region to be.

The portal will bring the people of the region together and exchanging encourage like-minded. Target group are first and foremost people in Rhein-Sieg-Kreis, living and working, in addition but also tourists who come to the cities and the beautiful landscapes of the region. Rhine victory Freizeit.de consequently aims the increase of tourism in the region. Dozens of events at Rhine victory Freizeit.de already today for every day of the week in the calendar and every day new activities are added. In focus: free access to information and privacy secure if leisure tips you are looking which can’t be shown off by compulsory registration.

For this reason, as well as all information on Rhine victory Freizeit.de are accessible free of charge and without registration free. Rhine victory Freizeit.de is but also a community wants to enable the young and old new contacts to close and to investigate the personal hobbies and interests together.?In the community can each member logged-in to create a personal profile with personal friend list, upload your own photos and leave messages in the guestbook of others. And every community has the greatest possible freedom to protect his Privtsphare by your own decision personal information disclosed by who. Rhine victory Freizeit.de: Here is the region of RSF offers the just launched version especially event tips, they are classified on the basis of the towns of the district, and in addition to categories such as exhibitions, stage, disco and party, live music, speech and reading, markets, sports and other. Visitors will show offset purposefully interesting events in the situation to have. Or use the wide variety of events offered inspiration to make what your own free time is useful can be configured. Something on the legs is no longer a problem as well. In the short term to date on a beer or like-minded people for a game night can find a faster, free entry to the Bulletin Board stapled completed. Boredom should have an end with Rhine win Freizeit.de. Each of us has bridges already leisure by he lull is televised read or simply bored. Experience more back in everyday life! That should be promoted with the help of Rhein victory Freizeit.de.”so Gotz Kohlberg, the Developers of new Portales, who can already look back on 10 years of experience with as a community platform for electronic music. Even though Rhine victory Freizeit.de just starts already improvements and enhancements are planned for the future, to offer visitors even further optimized information opportunities. That the need for Rhine victory Freizeit.


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