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Property in Bulgaria who are now just does not offer! How not to get lost among the infinite number of sentences? In appearance they are magnificent. But it is clear that something better and something worse. Somewhere comfortable to live, somewhere will better rent, somewhere it will be easier and more profitable to sell later. How to guess? If I chose real estate on the coast now, I would have done so. 1. To begin with, would be narrowed down your search, dividing the coast of Bulgaria in two parts: North and South. North greener and softer climate there, live there for fun.

South – more gentle, it lasts longer tourist season. Beaches comparison difficult, there are good beaches and there and there. 2. Would define the main goal investment and, consequently, to the place. It's one thing if you buy a summer cottage, where you will relax with the children and parents where going to send the retired – then you need not a very popular area for tourists, where prices are lower and noise is smaller. Another thing, if you is more important for the liquidity of housing, you're not always going to appear there, and you want to take it more expensive and do not have problems with the sale, if you suddenly get up this question. 3. Would be searched Web sites or blogs of those who have real investment experience (as, for example, my blog is 'apartment in Golden Sands').

And because these sites are still on my fingers count, would be examined responses of tourists who traveled to resorts and recreation areas, where, presumably, you would like to settle down (even if you'd been there!). Excellent resources – sites 'Otzyv.Ru' and 'Turizm.Ru'. 4. Went to the exploration. Or recreational trip would be combined, or focused on a few days off to Bulgaria would be to a) understand, I like it or not, and b) to communicate with multiple agencies, to compare offers and maybe even to choose the apartment (or house). 5. Would have decided how I'm going to buy – or through the agency itself. From a financial point of view, there is no difference. You'll pay the price announced by the developer and the commission or agency will get, or stay with the builder. However, some Agency cheat: put or own, overpriced, earning not only the Commission but also on margin or engage in additional customers, sometimes quite serreznye, expenses that he otherwise would not suffer. Some people prefer to buy through an agent, feeling more secure, even if they know what to give for this (apparent) safety of more money.


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