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Therefore, when selecting materials for the bathroom and exterior of buildings should take a more dense varieties of marble. Pattern pattern – a matter of taste of the future owner marble finishes. However, we must remember that the plates with soft flowing lines are more appropriate for recreational facilities, but the offices and halls shone special luxury, if the marble will have a large pattern or original color blotches. Color of the stone largely affect the well-being and mood, so try to choose the colors and shades that will not bore you. Warm yellow or pink tones help make the room more bright and cozy, the green will relax, the red will set up an active working mood, and light gray or white will make your home look like a real palace. The use of marble in the interior of marble used for decoration bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, halls. Floor slabs, wall panels, window sills and countertops made of this material allow to give the interior refinement and originality.

However, all this can only be achieved if the treatment natural stone professionals involved. Availability of quality materials, modern equipment and highly skilled professionals can realize any fantasy of the customer and provide excellent results. As care for natural marble marble Care is simple, if you know how to do it right. In the first place on a clean polished product should be applied to the protective waxy coating that prevents contamination of the stone. But it is not exempt from regular wet cleaning of marble.


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