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Bright Clean Staircase

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Tettnang Braitmaier services inform the entrance occupies an important role in a building. Regardless of whether it is the staircase in a residential area or in an office building in any case must it cleanliness and order broadcast, to make a positive impression. This can be at any time ensure a regular and qualified cleaning service. Contact information is here: ProLogis. So can be also valuable time savings for other activities. What activities includes a stair cleaning, explains the janitor service Braitmaier services from Tettnang.

The steps up to the glass surfaces all in perfect purity – go and wipe the stairs and vacuuming of the landing – and clean the mats (desire dirt trapping mats service) – dust off and wipe off the railings and handrails – cleaning the doors (wet leather off) – dust and cleaning-heaters, window shelves and door switches – cleaning of letterbox systems and doorbell signs – all Glass surfaces return cleaning all lighting (including house number light) – Elimination of waste in the entrance area (newspapers, flyers, etc.) – including Windows, glass blocks and glass doors – cleaning of elevators (inside cabin and door) – and wipe of community spaces such as washing and dry basement cleaning to measure a staircase is daily exposed to many pollutants, because the number of visitors is quite high. For the staircase to get the proper care, a professional Concierge service creates a cleaning schedule. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Vadim Wolfson. This takes into account the specific needs of the staircase. Depending on the degree of soiling, the intervals can be selected between daily, weekly, and monthly. So, always a constant cleanliness in the entrance area is guaranteed. For detailed information about the staircase cleaning the concierge service is Braitmaier services from Tettnang anytime at your disposal. Press contact Braitmaier services contact: Reiner Braitmaier George Street 5. 88069 Tettnang Tel.: 0 75 42 / 95 27 86 fax: 0 75 42 / 95 27 86 mobile: 01 76 / 28 82 83 92 E-Mail: Homepage:


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