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Brick: The Ideal Building Material

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There is no material as optimally suitable for the construction of houses, like a brick. Suffice it to say that the houses of brick extremely durable, very resistant to weathering. They are able to serve owner for many years. Not for nothing is in Russia, where there are severe frosts, heat waves, winds, much rain in summer and winter, building houses out of brick is widespread. Therefore, the technology of building brick homes rather developed, and experts available in sufficient quantity. The company Vostok Trans Service 'effects work on all phases of construction of houses made of brick, from the design. Possible to provide Architects, interior and landscape designer.

Why brick is a unique building material? The fact that the brick has many advantages over other materials used in construction. One of the biggest advantages – durability. That strength is taken into account in the first place when selecting a building material for houses. Marked by this characteristic letter M. A special strength has Brick labeled M100, which means that the allowable load of 100 kg/cm2. Using it you can afford the construction of a three-storey cottage.

Another good quality of brick – its frost resistance. Time service from a brick house in a high degree depends on the ability of construction material to carry frozen and then thawing without loss of properties. To mark the longevity uses the letter F. For cottages in the suburbs best suited brick marked longevity F35, which suggests that it would allow 35 cycles of freezing and thawing. With all of these properties to build homes in the suburbs is desirable to choose ceramic brick, full-bodied K 100/1/35 gost 530-95. However, the brick as a building material has some drawbacks, one of which – the low level . For this reason, the construction is sometimes used hollow bricks. It creates a wall layer from the air, preserving the heat better. But the strength of a brick home is reduced, if not significantly increase the thickness of the walls. Another way to keep warm in the house – the use of special heaters. In any case, construction of brick will cost a bit more expensive. In the winter the best time to fairly regularly and often heated brick house, otherwise it could take no heating one day. Began to build brick houses outside the city, you should pick up the finished project or to pay for the design from scratch. Next, the foundation work that needs to be sufficiently reliable. In this If not do lightweight foundation, as in the case of wood construction. Home insulation should be given serious consideration. Implement it in two ways. One of the ways: thermal insulation system is outside. On the wall mounted heater, which is then closed with plaster or in any facing material. Such a system of insulation brick houses preferred multi-layer system when insulation is placed inside kolodtsevoy masonry. The next phase of construction: building the internal floor. The construction of construction of the attic or loft. Brick cottage, built from quality materials, will serve for many years without repairs and problems.


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