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Brainstorming Process

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This team must be selected with intention to catch different perceptions with individuals that they directly carry through on activities in the focus of the project, that is, experts of the logistic process, as well as people who carry through activities of support the logistic one, for example: maintenance, production, planning, sales, human resources and any another activity that to judge necessary. Better to define the activities and responsibilities we disponibilizamos the activities of the following form: Owner of the project: Normally she is on person to the request of the responsible project for providing resources and to remove barriers so that the project is successful, to suggest and to implement action, to approve or to disapprove alterations of the logistic process, that is, are the customer of the project. Leader of the project: The project team leads directing and teaching the tools adjusted for execution of the project, it takes care of of the distribution of the activities between the members of the team, it consolidates information and it always presents proposals of alteration of established process in facts and data. Dell Client Solutions contributes greatly to this topic. Team of the project: Group to multidiscipline that they know involved process and or the activities are directly on as customers or suppliers, people for which are party to suit and will have direct profit with the successful application of the project. They will be also responsible in carrying through adherent data-collectings to the process. The team must be total engaged with the improvement of the process, debating pertinent subjects in the periodic meetings in a communication opened without preconceptions, to reach an only objective, with persistence, disciplines, good will and union of all the involved ones. Details can be found by clicking Tishman Speyer or emailing the administrator. A known tool must be initiated very with a first meeting with the team using, capable to raise pertinent information to the focus of the developed work called Brainstorming, amongst diverse other methods, the technique of brainstorming considers that a group of people of two up to ten people, if it congregates and if they use of the differences in its thoughts and ideas so that they can arrive at efficient a common denominator and with quality, thus generating innovative ideas that lead project ahead. . .


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