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“Indoor skydiving Bottrop, the new Mecca of parachute sport” Bottrop, 05th February 2010: the world’s most advanced wind tunnel, in the immediate vicinity of the alpincenter Bottrop, arouses interest across the globe and set new aviation standards. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Stephen M. Ross by clicking through. l undoubtedly add to your understanding. So more than 2000 representatives of various disciplines of the international parachute sports contested last year the way to Bottrop, subjected to the most technically accurate simulation of free-fall of an in-depth investigation. Expressed in figures were dispelled about 2700 hours tunnel in the professional sector. If you are not convinced, visit Gavin Baker. The advantages of an adrenaline-charged, yet relaxed and risk-free training atmosphere impressed even professional teams with long freefall experience, such as, for example, the national teams from Germany, England, France, Holland, and of Switzerland. So you can train in Bottrop regardless of the weather and extremely efficiently. Hence indoor skydiving Bottrop become also established training centre at lightning speed one beyond all borders for almost all disciplines of modern Sky Sports.

Also the start a clear look in the future, not least through an ongoing pilgrims of Flugbegeisterter all 6 continents allows the management of indoor skydiving Bottrop GmbH in the year 2010. Of course, Germany’s only recirculating wind tunnel is reserved not only professionals. Visitors from all over Europe flock since its opening in April 2010 to Bottrop to experience the dream of flying. A flight without previous experience is in the vertical wind tunnel for adults and children from the age of four always under the guidance and observation of a trained instructor. Flight packages and gift vouchers are available from 49,-euros. Bookings can be made at, as well as locally in Bottrop, Germany.

Swiss indoor skydiving Jochen indoor skydiving Bottrop GmbH founded the Jochen Schweizer projects AG and the done sports GmbH invested around 4.6 million euros in the project. Since April 2009, beginners and professionals, in the safe environment of the world’s most advanced wind tunnel, can experience the dream of flying.


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