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Number of bins in a double boiler Basic baskets with 2 or 3, a very pungent there are devices with a basket. For the average family (4 persons) will be sufficient 2-steam baskets. Get more background information with materials from Robert J. Shiller. If you want to cook in large quantities, you will need a pressure cooker with 3 baskets. But we should remember that cooking time will increase with the increasing number of steam baskets, and food on the third level will be prepared at about 1.5 – 2 times slower than the first. The kit also comes two bowls, a bowl for cooking rice (a any other cereal and liquid products, such as it can make an omelet) and a bowl for coloring foods.

Volume and shape of baskets Steamer. Different firms volumes of steam baskets and their shape will vary. With regard to volume it can be 1,5 – 3,5 liters for key baskets and rice bowl will have a capacity of 0,7 – 2 liters. Baskets can be oval and round. Which option is more convenient to choose you. Also note whether the baskets differ in size. If different, then this is an advantage in storage is Storage One basket is inserted into another which significantly reduces space requirements.

However, these baskets have the drawback – you can not rearrange them in during cooking. It should be noted that this happens often enough and with similar characteristics, I would advise you to choose precisely the same steamer baskets. Material manufacturers such as steamer and steam bowls can be made in metal and plastic housing.


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