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Best Western Crown Hotel Carnival

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The year began with a new beer partnership Andreas R. Graf is not only a successful entrepreneur and hotelier. The 52-year-old involved in the Monchengladbach Carnival. In the years 2006 and 2008 he was the city Monchengladbach E.v. General appeal master of the Prince guard on the road. In this role, he provided for discipline and order within the guard during the session.

Nobody can take this title I”, laughs the chef of the best Western Crown Hotel at the Aachener Strasse. Now, together with his wife Anke, count invited the members of the Prince guard to a drink in the lobby of the hotel. The reason for the invitation was the new beer partnership with four breweries which were signed at the beginning of the year. While the beer more and more on the lower Rhine lose ground, is particularly Kolsch (colognian) on the rise. Kolsch and Carnival go together just fine”, then Holger Bastert, area sales manager of the Colner Hofbrau P. Josef early KG white. After PILS, Kolsch in the former Altbier tribal land is clear to the number two in the Risen Monchengladbach beer market. Our top-fermented beer speciality is like drunk by the young audience.

And we are especially proud. ” Ten years, Konig Pilsener from the tap of the best Western Crown flowed hotels. Now the time has come to change also the pils”, says Andreas R. Graf. And as King Pilsener is the Bitburger brewing group, the decision to change struck me somewhat easier. Because now there’s Bitburger PILS with us.” “That’s good of course Bitburger Sales Manager Heiko Langer: Best Western Crown Hotel remains despite the change of the Pilsner brand customer of the Bitburger brewing group.” Monchengladbach and the entire lower Rhine have become an important sales region for the brewery. Our beers are in Monchengladbach on everyone’s lips”, Hans-Joachim pick Lapp, key account adds Director of the Bitburger brewing group.


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