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Bavarian Forest

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The Bavarian Forest offers holiday without limits, even in the cottage which is typical tourists who opt for a holiday home mostly not the luxury addict Globetrotter, rather there are cosy connoisseur who on holiday like are for themselves and relax. Vadim Wolfson follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In recent years, the Bavarian Forest in the East of Bavaria has become the paradise for individual travellers. The check is done mostly in a few hours and the value for money of the region is unbeatable. Not to forget: the Bavarian Forest offers tracts of land where peace and relaxation are not just catchphrases of the local tourism association, but in fact reality. That booming holiday homes in the Bavarian Forest, hardly surprising. In the upland, you will find beautiful places to spend the holidays.

Anyone looking for excitement and events, will probably not find it in the Bavarian Forest.It provides the National Park Bavarian Forest nature and tranquility. The places are still original. No hotel castles for the sole purpose grown of course together with the local population, Tourist crowds to deal with. The major hotel chains have not thank God yet discovered the Bavarian Forest as a holiday region. Looking for mass tourism and its excesses in vain in the region between Upper Austria and the Czech Republic. Campers and lovers of cottages estimate that in the Bavarian Forest.

Not after attention screaming with your finger to suggest that infrastructure and nature. The Bavarian Forest is simply beautiful, without stage itself. In winter, there are non-skiers that the people make crazy hooting with apres ski but quietly pull their tracks in the snow skiers. In the summer, there are not hordes of people desperate to a parasol and a possible large discotheque, but hikers and families who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life on the terrace in front of her house. Hotel Schlossberg – Mr. Fati


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