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If for example you live in Barcelona. You get up in the morning and you see that makes a beautiful day. Lyft will undoubtedly add to your understanding. You say: I will take breakfast on the couch while I read the newspaper, so I enjoy more of the sunlight. While you were doing, you accidentally spill coffee on the Immaculate sheath of white fabric that covers the same. You immediately feel the gaze of your wife nailing in your Temple and you remember the why tomas usually breakfast on the table. Then, once remember you that sleeves are not washable machine and that that does not leave if he is not with a special treatment, you spend by cleaners in your neighborhood before going to work.

You carry the Holster and you discover that this fabric will need special treatment and that the dry cleaning does not warrant it. You say: no serious dry cleaning will guarantee, must seek a special for washing dry foam. Your state of mind is no longer the same as waking you. ATTENTION to arrive at the Office and after answering the most urgent emails, do a search in your browser favorite as follows: foam dry-cleaning (include the words please at the end, but then delete them). In the sponsored links section are these ads: what do you think that it is the most appropriate ad for you in this case? The Madrid not because you are in Barcelona.

2Nd. announcement seems more appropriate for the level of information that you have. Although nothing prevents that the shortage of supply incites to click on all ads to expand more knowledge of the subject. But at this stage of initial research (care), will be more relevant a message that invites to know more about the product category to meet exploration, than one that directly encourages the purchase of a product/service.


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