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Arno Carstensen

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Often the House sale fails at the last minute or the seller of the real estate has to cope with a painful price discount. So that this does not happen, he recommends Real estate agent for Buttgen and Kaarst in the House sale in Kaarst and Buttgen therefore: shows the energy performance certificate for your home right on! What energy measures are proposed there!” After that, any owner who wants to sell his house should have a calculation of the costs and the energy effectiveness of the proposed measures to the hand. It should be clear what new Windows for the House cost and how high is the energy savings that can be achieved be!”sums up the broker as a tip for private home sellers. Price negotiations are transparent for homebuyers and home sellers, as discussed at the price negotiating House sale not in into the blue. “If necessary I help like this or have ready tips for private sellers, where obtained appropriate cost estimates directly from specialist companies can.”, the broker offers. Energy saving is an issue for more than 70 percent of the houses and selling crucial particularly in real estate, the built before 1979, which provides real estate agents great need for such an approach in the House sale. More than 70 percent of these houses should have no insulation at all.

Another 20 percent of the houses should be only insufficiently energetically renovated. Upon closer inspection of the real estate market in Buttgen, Kaarst, a majority of the owners who want to sell a House privately, have a flat in this year category. But in later years, there is room for improvement. Experts expect that more than two-thirds of the gas and oil heating not on a modern stand are. Here too, the estate Arno Carstensen advises real estate to look closely at the heating technique.


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