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Anorexia is a disorder of eating behavior that leads to a loss of weight caused by the patient that get kept in a nearly complete state of starvation. This gives to place by fear of gaining weight and a perception distorted and delusional own body that makes the patient look are fat even when their weight below recommended. Therefore, it begins to eliminate the intake of food. Usually eliminate carbs, the bad reputation that have these is that fattened (of course this is not true). A related site: adverum mentions similar findings. They then reject fats and proteins.

They even come to refuse liquids coming to dehydrate is so extreme and very dangerous. To this we can add other behaviors associated with this disease, as it is the use of diuretics, laxatives, caused vomiting and excessive especially Aerobic physical exercise. Affected persons may lose from a 15 to the 50% in critical cases of your body weight. James king may not feel the same. This disease is usually associated with severe psychological disorders that cause changes in the behavior of emotional behavior. The cause that causes it is unknown, but social factors are very important. They are many sociocultural factors that can trigger anorexia and probably a part of the population may have a greater physical predisposition to suffer such a disorder. Therefore there are general factors that can trigger such as: own the sick maternal obesity obesity death or illness of someone dear separation of parents away from home or usual environment failure school accidents, etc. is very important that we have in mind, and we are alert to the symptoms, especially with our teenagers who are the most vulnerable to this disease symptoms to take in account please: Because the life depends of this weight loss in short time obsessive fear of putting a kilo, even when we see that this distorted perception of the absence of rule body weight low in the sudden constipation, abdominal pain, vomiting family girls is that detects symptoms are and must be the voice of alarm. Give example of good nutrition and healthy habits for your health and that of your family!


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