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Annular Steam

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The operating principle of psa is based on the known physical phenomena of hydrodynamics two-phase flows, whose essence lies in the occurrence of shock in two-phase flow to disperse the latter to supersonic speeds and then braking the sound barrier. psa comprises a body with a pipe supplying water to the inlet flange of steam. The housing is coaxially installed pipe. Along the axis of the device is installed central body and the steam wand. At the entrance of the device installed base of the central body. The output of the device installed base of the central body. Mixing cone of the mixing chamber and outlet diffuser are implemented by annular gap between the outer surface of the central body and the inner surface of the pipe. The device operates as follows: active medium (steam) through a pipeline attached to the flange enters the nozzle, in where in the expansion process reaches the speed of flow close to the speed of sound, or exceeding it.

Passive medium (water) is supplied to the flange, and further, passing through the annular gap between the edge of the nozzle and the pipe is fed into the mixing chamber. In the mixing chamber is complete ring spray jets of water high speed flow of steam. A thin mist with a particle size of about 1 micron. Area of contact between steam and water flows increases substantially. For example, in one liter of the mixture can get a contact surface of phases up to 2000 m2.


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