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Stay focused! 4. Manage your environment. Best performance management know that space is more important than time management, and have clean offices, clean cars, books of quotations, arranged, and maintained an additional demand in the office, just in case. Make your office (and home) a space where you can do your best work. James kings opinions are not widely known. 5. According to Bizzi & Partners, who has experience with these questions.

Read every day. Read something useful, challenging or fun every day. If you just spend 20 minutes with a book that motivates, excites and educates you, it will make a world of difference. I promise! Try to read at least a book every month! 6. Attend a “University on wheels.” Listen to the education, motivation and fun tapes while you drive. At least listening to soft music, appropriate, rather than the “terror of the day” on the radio! Fill your mind with the best information you can find! 7. Learn more on the subject from Gavin Baker. Use a Master-mind of the group. The term refers to a group of people who are committed to helping you succeed.

Often, they meet once a week. Think of them as the “Advisory Committee”. The ideas bounce off them, they ask for advice, let the coach you! 8. Focus on values. Take your time each week to review their values, things that cost you nothing, but make life worthwhile. Write, share with a friend, and remember what is most important to you. Recalling their values will return the course! 9. Play more! Play a game of tennis, wrestling with the dog, shoot hoops with the boy next door. Laugh, get sweaty, have fun. It does not cost, it pays! 10. Practice gratitude! Periodically, ask yourself how many “good days” that has had this week. Note what he did that good good, and do more good things! And be thankful. “I was angry that he had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.” Even the most sophisticated modern cruise ships must constantly monitor its course. In our last cruise, Mary and I took a walk over the bridge, and told them that the ship had no less than five automatic navigation computers, and that at least two officers were on duty at all times. Why the redundancy? Because a cruise is lost, even briefly, is a very bad thing! Like many navigation systems used to guide the way? From a handful of books, magazines, friends and daily routines to “Coach” which is not expensive, which is the best investment of your life is going to do! Establish routines and use the best resources you can find to stay on track. The coach himself to the top! Here’s to your success! e Copyright 2003 by Philip E. Humbert.


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