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Belonging to the external environment variables are beyond organizational control and thus the strategies outlined by the company must have the ability to exploit opportunities in the market, adapting the demands of the market to their strategies, doing that than the concurrent input. Alpha Monografias Administracion early monograph in regard to threats, at first should you minimize them, so then get delete them. Thus being, another key factor is possessing a deep knowledge about the concurrent, so that strategies that come to minimize the impacts caused by them can be plotted. Even so, affirms the need for the definition of the main products and services that are offered to meet the needs of the market, such as the forecast of the future of the environment that the fence and of the challenges to be faced by the organization. View, such information must be nortear the crucial decisions for the addressing of the businesses that make up part of the development of strategies. Hax (1984) cites that planning is the capacity developed by the companies adapt continuously as environmental changes, being that this capacity should not be only a passive response to external factors, but an active, creative form and a search headlong by conditions that can ensure more lucrative niches for the company’s business. As a result, the capacity of strategic response of a company, can be determined by its strategic capacity to deal with environmental turbulence and formulate functional, operational and global strategies consistent with the challenges of the market, in order to remain competitive. Finally, the concept of strategic planning for companies, is what set them environment in which they are inserted. However, the term is diffused and defended by various authors, each of which his way and context. However, Pack will highlight that, strategies, should be created and conducted in order to create a managerial process that sight give direction for the company, doing with that it may come to optimize their relationship with the environment, in which is inserted, and must establish objectives and suggest strategies for you keep them, and must identify the business opportunities more promising for the company, outlining how to penetrate, conquer and hold positions in markets.


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