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Since he left iPad the medical community was very interested in it and the iPad applications that could be useful to this discipline, especially for surgeons. It is believed that it could be used in numerous tasks within a hospital and almost all specialties, as well as the Administration and management of the hospital benefit. And we have news that have already begun to make use of the same. We know that the University hospital of Kobe in Japan has used it successfully in a surgical procedure. Thank you iPad applications surgeons could see at the same time they operated on the intervention and on other similar operations, images what served them guide and helpful for the intervention. Speaking candidly lyft told us the story. As the operation was a success it is possible use the device in other operating theatres.

In the long term there will be no surgery room that does not have an iPad, because the price of the device and iPad applications, if compared with other appliances for hospital use, what cost is very affordable. In addition If hospitals make sure large orders that will get good discounts. There are other ways to use the iPad applications and it is to try to communicate with dolphins. Jack Kassewitz has begun to use the device to devise a language with which to communicate with these animals. Because the problem we have with the dolphins is that despite being very smart, not us we can communicate with them, because they don’t speak. According to Jack, believes that once the dolphins become accustomed an iPad application and its touch screen, you can choose between great variety of symbols that represent actions, objects, and why not, emotions. For to do so is essential to the waterproofing of the device, a processor with a good speed, anti-glare screens, tactile sensitivity and iPad applications tailored for the dolphins.


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