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Adhesives For Construction And Finishing Works

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Just ten years ago no one thought much what amounted glue you use when working with ceramic tiles. There was another mega-task – to get this tile. Than to e? glue – just a dry mixture of pva or various combinations with one another – it was not so important. Now the situation has changed. The choice of finishing material is so great that, at times, baffling even experienced the professional builder.

Submission of the same adhesive formulations have changed little since it was always considered a secondary task (why? – see above). But the thought associated with the improvement of adhesive compositions is not standing still, and around the world began to appear products specifications which have been able to satisfy the most demanding requirements when performing work of any complexity. In our country this process is, unfortunately, was delayed, largely due to lack of demand on the quality execution of works. Everyman was convinced that the main thing – it is a material that will be paved floors, walls, ceiling, and that will be in the layer between the base and facing – does not matter. Builders, respectively, also did not burn desire to buy stuff that was worth more common dry mixture. Therefore, the demand for high-quality adhesive fully satisfied with expensive products of Western companies to buy who could afford few of our countrymen. Most were forced to fairly-sponded to cheap low-quality product, which negatively manifested itself in a few months after completion. Over time, the situation changed.


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