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Acquisition Or Re-establishment Of Architecture

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Business start-up for architects and engineers often professionals is too risky and too expensive after completion of the study the acquisition or purchase one on the market consisting of offices. Already some courage include, particularly, if this even existing staff should be applied with. On the other hand will be paid sometimes learned the hard way in building an own Office in the early years, experience in the use of the corresponding all-encompassing Office software do not exist and the purchase of software is too expensive. To its own extensive collection of literature is to think not even for cost reasons. Also the question arises when taxes again and again for the important references. Other, far cheaper and less risky had an idea the arcade GmbH, Saarbrucken together with the building & expert service Ltd, with the Office in Gottlieben on Lake Constance in the Switzerland. The arcade GmbH has with the acquired ing.-Office of Schutgens together over 30 years experience in the provision of all architectural and engineering services at municipal Construction projects, as well as projects of the housing industry, banks and office buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings.

Many projects were completed as general contractor or as a project manager, or provided only partial performance of the HOAI. At peak times, the Office had more than 10 employees. The arcade GmbH together with the building and expert service Ltd. to a franchise or license system has bundled this experience including the references and the extensive project data. After a wide consultation of interested young colleagues, including detailed written documentation on the subject, either can the entrepreneur for a sole proprietorship, or a Ltd. or all its founding and anmeldeunterlagen GmbH for the notary and the trade register. All documents and information to establish an Office easily and in a few days. Includes patterns for commercial logging on the transitory support at the conclusion of insurance, registration with the competent professional association and the Chamber of Commerce, the Finanzamt and the health insurance fund.


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