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A Life As A Top Model: Sarah Maurer Can Succeed

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With the correct application and the appropriate face also works! Long legs, shapely body, a life with the latest fashion and a collaboration with the perhaps most exciting people who are there. Milan, Paris and New York are top on the list of the different modeling agencies which send their pretty models on the catwalks, which mean the world. But how does one actually top model? Has that wondered about the times one? You’re lucky maybe simply and is detected as top model Julia Stegner at the Munich Oktoberfest or promotes and waits. ceived-Approval-to-Test-Commercial-Deliveries.html’>UPS. The latter did Sarah Maurer from Unterbalbach. It all started so harmlessly. One day Sarah flipped through the new Neckermann catalog and discovered the applicant card for the elite model contest 2007. As was the minimum age of 14 years and she thought anything of it, she applied for the competition in the belief that everything in the sand will be\”. But so did not then! She even says that she would have never wasted a thought before the competition modeling.

Only a few People have mentioned because of their size it – but what was actually in the application? Finally, an application is the first impression that is conveyed and this impression is important everywhere: when applying for a training institution, as well as for a model competition. In the application, Sarah had to answer various questions such as for example what you can find nice on your body? \”.\” Then the mass must be of course in a modeling contest known. This chest, waist and hips are particularly important. But that was not all yet. Also she had to add to a full body shot in a bikini and a Protraitfoto their application. NA and then off to the post office! But it first as it is usually took quite a while until the agency model management and neckermann.de signed at Sarah.


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