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A Beautiful Sabotage

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Taking into account happy birds who migrate to unknown frontiers, today I will talk about these brave workers who cross the world in search of love, Yes, I am referring to the truck drivers who travel long distances looking for something to or they know that it is. So begins this defamatory story, full of symbols, corpses and hot beers. Everything began at Christmas sitting in a bar somewhere in my imagination, drank my beer and through the window he saw passing cars on the road, day was gray, rainy and cold. In the bar the waitress penduleaba her big boobs in a way hypnotic, right, left, could imagine the shape of the flowers of your BRA, he wanted, although was a fairly fuzzy desire, lose myself in her cheerful and ample cleavage and disappear. Not heard the sound of the engine, just open the door and an exclamation point as an order of attack: give me a beer for God’s sake! The corpulent and hairy individual see all occupied tables set in the mia, only with a receptacle for feel free do care you? asked medium screaming but friendly.

-e. m. no, forward – replied both shy before your greatness. He sat down and soon after they served beer awaited. They passed some minutes in which attempt to distract myself by the window, now partially covered by the truck driver. Is baebius beer, rose and watching eyes said: to been a pleasure, held out me the hand and I shook it is, almost broken me fingers.

-God is everywhere–told me whispering I’m afraid to go to the bathroom, I’m afraid of that laugh of me, took days without shitting – me confessed – ah, well – I answered comprising his anguish make like me, cover with a magazine recommended you that great idea, you are a genius! Thank you, goodbye!- and it was. It is always a pleasure to meet a good Christian. .. to the left, to the right, God, as I would like to get me inside there. Original Diegof Z.


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