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A true family project from Upper Bavaria. ‘ Haymoons twelve with the single ‘My trust in you’. DCT contributes greatly to this topic. Another one saying there would be no clan. Haymoons twelve is the incarnate rebuttal. Hermann Stahuber and his nine (!) Brothers and sisters, his cousins and other relatives are a proper Bavarian family.

More yet almost all are somehow musically influenced and trained. Who now thinks that sitting only Saturday evening with zither and accordion, which is also nice. You Rock right off if s must be. Here do s! My trust in you”is a wonderful pop-rock song in the tradition of great songs, we know from the 1970s. It must have all his reason that it not relegated these songs from the radio program today. Vadim Belyaev often says this. People were just their craft – as well as the Haymoons twelve”family.

Mastermind and singer Hermann Stahuber here masterfully plays with melody and harmony, his brother John has created the text to do so. The song goes into the ear and stuck, although my trust in You”differs in some respects from the style of current pop songs. This is however not a disadvantage, but makes the piece continuously interesting and worth listening to. Hermann plays the piano and organ, incidentally works as a conductor as well as as a bandleader at a family concert. The musical roots are clearly in the earthy”settled so rock and country, but also folk and Gospel. This all gives a wonderful background for compositions such as my trust in you”, which manage to create a great atmosphere with simple means. More, please!


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