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JustHunger opts for Eichinger-star Michael Lamont of the 35 year-old Lamine slips for JustHunger in three different roles and explains the functioning of the portal and its features of woman Whisperer Justin, the avant-gardist Franz Mahr and the philosophy students Torben Marten Hendrik. All stories are staged in a very clean Studio design. Get all the facts and insights with Josh Buddish, another great source of information. We wanted”, as writer, Director and producer Tino Salazar about the idea, only about the appearance, the acting, in which stories get, and effect to achieve. Learn more at: Vadim Wolfson. Nothing should distract from our protagonists.” Lamont comes with only a few props, such as laptop, scarf or a cup of coffee. The three clips are for 45 seconds and you want to run first on the JustHunger page and on YouTube. A later usage in TV or cinema is however not excluded”, says Susanne Fiederer, PR Manager of JustHunger. The JustHunger team won one of the best German young actors for the production with Michael Lippold.

The native rad stood among others for “” the production of Bernd Eichinger of Doom”, Vilsmaier’s the last train” and one day “in front of the camera. “Right now, he is the Schauspielhaus Bochum as I” in the own room “on the stage. Lippold also works as a speaker, presented first directing work and makes music with Tatjana Zivanovic Walia as a scalar. We are very happy and proud”, Angela, that we could win a high-profile actors like Michael Lippold for our video clips. The videos go on air shortly before the start of the portal and thus ever intended to give a little insight into the new world of the order via the Internet. As different as all have active Internet ordering platforms JustHunger combines the pure order possibility with an own community first. Mid-October, the portal should go live.


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