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When you decide to write, consider them, and use them, if you think they can be useful and all can be used with much success. I assure you that they are very useful when one starts and it is difficult even to generate ideas. However, even when you have experience writing can be very effective. Let’s begin: Everyone, absolutely everyone, at some time (might be right now) we have had a problem right? Moreover: many problems which we ourselves have or have had might be common to many people. Here you have an idea on how to start writing.

Que tal?: what to do when. Here you raised the issue, about which you will write. In the development of an article of this nature, efforts will be made to solve an existing problem, which you first enfocaras as a problem and then several alternatives will be analyzed. You can focus on a method or system that you consider effective, researching this and It presents a solution. Surely, an article of this type will be read by those with the type of problem you were trying to.

Another way to consider the introduction of an article is through the use of words as do can…? Help for..! What is done here is to raise, as in the previous case, a problem with a possible solution. The effective in this case is to raise that move to curiosity or disturbing situations. About everything when the issues raised represents a problem to solve and offer a solution. Por_ejemplo, you could ask a title such as: 1) can control your insomnia without the use of pills? I present a natural and effective method. (2) Help to quit smoking in no time, guaranteed. The rest is up to your imagination, creativity, knowledge and research. If you are suffering depressive States, you resistirias to read an article who prays?: can noni help you manage depression? Check this article.