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Russian Real Estate Market

Due to lower sales volumes, many real estate agencies refused to make contributions to the trade unions, moreover, increasingly began to sound the need for participation in regional associations. Top managers of some companies do not see tangible benefits from such membership. Representatives of the Russian Guild of Realtors seem to understand that in order to maintain the association of old members and attract new ones, the traditional package of services is no longer enough. Companies want not only to improve status but also economic benefits. Another important feature of the Russian real estate market – a strong distortion of intelligence and numerous legal conflicts that arise due to frequent changes in legislation.

On the testimony of many members of Congress, some of the deals done today at prices that do not meet those specified in the contracts. In addition, from 15 to 25% of transactions accounted for the so-called black brokers and unscrupulous agents, often working two or even three companies simultaneously. All this paves the way for kriminala.Chtoby "whitewash" the market, offering professionals exempt from income taxes those owners, they sold the property, which is owned by more than a year, or replace it with a tax on capital gains (the difference between buying and selling). Today, these pilot projects are processed in four Russian regions. Previous reduction of the barrier (from 5 to 3 years) has brought out a significant part of the shadow of transactions. Based on the report of the congress, published in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", Realtors do not share the joy at the renewal of free privatization. According to them, it prevents the creation of market rent public housing: getting an apartment, the man immediately draws her into the property. In addition, the housing is provided without regard to the status of the employer, whereas in the West, they can use only those officially recognized as poor, the rest rented at market rates.

According to forum participants, the Russian real estate market requires "legal interpretation". For example, the profession, "Realtor" appeared in the qualifying reference only six months ago and somehow in the "dangerous production, nuclear power." The main disadvantage of certification, which came to replace the licensing – voluntary (out of 1,300 members Russian Guild of Realtors is certified only 611). The law of self-regulatory organizations also do not fully meet the requirements of the industry: if each SRO will begin to create their own standards and criteria for admission into the profession, risks for clients to rise sharply. That is why federal law requires of brokering real estate, which will supply a unified bar. According to market players, all that is necessary in the first place consumer. For the vast majority of Russians apartment becomes the single most expensive acquisition ever made. To minimize the risks associated with the transaction will create a single registry of brokers, where, in addition to White will be blacklisted. In addition, the law would regulate the list of services, would establish qualifications and professional level of responsibility to clients and the firm.

From various texts by contemporary authors, articulate key ideas with the ultimate goal of outlining a reflection on the teaching action in an attempt to restore the artistic dimension of the practice a OESI want to learn, ensena.a – Marco Tulio Cicero (106 BC-43 BC), writer, orator and politician SYNERGY EDUCATIONAL Roman politician and orator Marcus Cicero enunciated, and in ancient times, the reciprocal relationship between learning and teaching. This close link, materializes today, with more and less fortunate, in classrooms of vast socio-economic, cultural and various disciplinary fields. This bidirectional association and empowering, we could baptize as educativaa a sinergia only materializes when enabling certain features peculiar coexist, decoupled from the routine of memorization as the only means of study, rigid institutional programs, the experiences away from their desks, the dissociation between theory and practice of assessments that only prove the possibility of repeating concepts, the lack of criticism and the disappearance of reflection about the process of meditation. The LeFrak Organization shines more light on the discussion. a Angel Diaz Barriga, deals with excellence this issue, from the construction of a methodology that enables the convergence of the three-level teacher education program: the curriculum of the institution and the teaching itself. From a non-instrumentalist, teacher professional faces challenges, and experience to combat what he calls a rutina professional and a enajenaciona . In Barriga's exact words: a Dar to teaching an experimental nature is a basic routine to combat work and, above all, against the sale in the profession docentea .* 1 The Mexican, Doctor of Pedagogy, and made explicit , in the late past a line of thought that had already raised the American philosopher Donald Schon seven years ago: the return to the concept of the art of teaching and focus on making aprender.

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Professionals in the field could help them acquire and promote the productive operation of farms and ranches. Farms also integral or cede or sell multiple “experimental farms” owned by the department or the Nation sure that they know best performance use with a productive and investigative. These associations of professionals in the field once established and financed or subsidized could also provide management services or management for owners of farms or estates that for whatever reason can not or do not manage to meet them. With them also could the department and municipalities to engage the studies, plans and sector development programs in their respective areas of influence, rather than to be doing, at a cost much higher, with outsiders often have lower capacities than ours. Robert J. Shiller understood the implications. (Currently, the Act 160 of 1994 establishes a subsidy for the purchase of rural lands for agricultural professionals, ineffective in practice for reasons explained in the article “refining the law 160 of 1994). For professionals in the areas of construction and urban development, could help to finance, low cost sites and services programs or public housing, housing estates, parks, recreational, or simply the construction of individual housing solutions for many other projects that are too numerous to consider today. With professionals from other areas could be the same (on another opportunity to argue about what we have in the pipeline so as not to exhaust the patience of the reader and Judi’s Diary), for which the department and the municipalities must have real inventiveness and ingenuity without limits, to be able to intervene in each and every one of them. All this, without ruling out the possibility of the immediate creation of a fund to support professional develop funding or subsidy programs to professionals individually considered for the same purpose. Are the resources of the department and municipal budget of any importance not reach for it? The ruling class can not give that excuse to mind after having “invested” tens of billions, at today’s prices, the creation of mixed capital companies today and ruined nearly all of which have enriched only a few; annually or after spending tens of billions on pointless bureaucracy or billions in the payment of a suffocating debt to an amount we have come precisely because of the irresponsibility of public managers, or after promoting unnecessary projects where investment will be committed social ten or twenty years the department such as this pipeline to the south (which must be replaced, for it was created by gas-plant construction of domestic gas in all municipalities of the department and in the most important inspections police, at a cost many times lower and for the same purpose of bringing the service to each household Julia), or even more “intelligent” Bethany dam buy the Nation!.