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We can observe in the city of Golden that the power of the man in modifying the environment grew more than what the understanding of this way. The economic interests surpass any ethics and However, the place is resulted of multilateral actions that if carry through in different times on each one and in all the points of the terrestrial surface (Saints, 1986) with this the housing standards will be distinct between the high classroom and low as well as the access the nature (' ' pure air), to the consumption, the leisure appearing to the segregations and exclusions. Of this form the nature is modified in order to take care of to ace necessities of the bourgeoisie whom it withholds of the privileges of this modification and suffering little the impacts that the same one generates in the planet. Thus the analysis of this system is essential for the agreement of our reality. To understand for where ' ' restos' ' of our consumption the impacts go that the deposit of the same ones in the environment go to generate, the way as the nature is treated in the present time and as the man if it appropriates of definitive agricultural space (the interests of this occupation) are of extreme importance an introduction to the geographic look.

The development of the geographic look is determinative factor not only for the formation of the gegrafo, but also of true citizens. The demographic expansion of the city and the consequent spalling of the population in economic classrooms can be visualize in the residential Ecoville, model of social estruturao already nail in some capitalist countries where if cousin the removal of the city and its related problems, beyond distorted concept of nature that now is spread in the commercial relations. In such a way, these residents develop an indifferent attitude before the situations that permeiam the partner-ambient reality due to this distanciamento.

How To Make Housing Affordable

In August this year, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that "the cost per square meter of economy-class housing should not exceed 30,000 rubles – this can and should be achieved without compromising quality and comfort" 1. On first glance, this sounds utopian. Nevertheless, the "fit" a specified price "corridor" will help modern construction technologies, allowing to build multi-storey houses quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Dying House Considerable contribution to the cost of the "square" make building materials, the cost of which is continuously growing. But this component, as it turns out, can be substantially reduced. In the midst of crisis is one of the construction companies in Boston (U.S.) for construction of houses began to use rubble from the demolition of older residential areas. "Secondary" materials obtained by recycling of concrete panels, blocks, metal fittings and steel beams. So way to achieve considerable savings – first, by reducing the use of new products, and secondly, because of lower costs for disposal of obsolete buildings.

This is true for our country. As is known, Now in Moscow and some other Russian cities implemented the program of demolition "". Only in the capital, there are about 34 million square meters. m of residential space to be in the near future "destruction." Why not to use their "remains" to build new houses? In search of low-cost technologies are not necessarily looking at the experience of western countries. Back in the ussr has developed a lot of promising methods of construction: for example, shlakoschelochnogo based binder (SHSCHV).

Glazing Private Home

Where as not in a country house to realize their ideas into reality? Only this house is built, as they say in the people – "for the soul." And only then can realize their dreams and ideas. Therefore, in a house with a choice of glass for a long time think you do not want choice and so clear – great wooden box. It remains only to choose what kind of wood windows will look best. Plastic window from a tree is a magnificent part of home design. They are well home comfort, especially in combination with wood floors and properly selected furniture.

They perform all the functions of modern European windows, but are distinguished elegance inherent in the classic windows. In the House of the tree is put exclusively wooden windows. Wooden windows with every day further strengthens its market position in Russia and it is not nothing strange, because in sovey versatility they do not differ from their competitors – pvc (polyvinyl chloride), however, opens up new horizons for design ideas. Design or configuration eurowindows from natural materials may be different, well, that the universal fittings leading firms only contributes to this: with the pivoting, folding or sliding doors, wooden frames under the arched doorway, and so on. Production of wooden windows stepped far forward. All confined to fantasy customer or designer, as well as good taste and simple sense of proportion. As already noted, the merits of a mass of wooden windows. However, I would like to highlight the most basic, are confined to low thermal conductivity, cold resistance and low thermal expansion.