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In the same context the society appears of the consumption, where the media and the economy dictate on standards of living mainly to the corporeal property and consumerism. New drugs pass to be manufactured (synthetic drugs appear) others are ' ' melhorados' ' commercialized through an ideal of force, atrelados vigor and youth to an immediate pleasure of ' ' curtio' ' of the life leading people to search its effect are for forgetting the difficult conditions the life or for the ilusria search it pleasure. The quarrel on the use of drugs in the adolescence searchs the support in the most diverse authors who made possible the clarification of questions that are part of our daily one and that they are so little explored in familiar scope social. The drug appears in the adolescence many times as a bridge that allows the establishment of social bows, propitiating to the individual the belonging to one determined group of equal, to the time that search new ideals and new bonds, different of its familiar group of origin (Nery Son and Towers, 2002 p.31). Gorgulho (1996 p.163) believes that in a situation of drogadio between adolescents, the family can help recognizing its parcel of participation in what she is occurring. To deposit all responsibility in the adolescent, or as it affirms Scivoletto (2002 p.72) in ' ' harms companhias' ' , it will not only solve the problem, as well as he does not seem very condizente with the reality.

When discovering that the adolescent son is using drugs, some parents tend if to feel culprits, questioning themselves where they erraram in the education of the son, the reason of such fact to be happening with them since they had never left to lack nothing in house. Other parents search the internment of its children waiting a method of immediate cure. As it affirms Scivoletto (2002 p.72) in its studies concerning the psychiatric treatment of using adolescents of drugs and of the paper of the family in this treatment, the familiar nucleus generally is scared and disoriented how much to the boarding of the problem, they complete saying: ' ' beyond feelings of you distress, desperations and impotence in the familiar ones, searchs a culprit for the drama familiar' '.

Health Sciences

The access the balanced feeding and of quality is basic for the survival and quality of life of any human being, this information is known has times and guaranteed, in the terms of the law, for the federal constitution. However, the logistic one of this guarantee not yet was consolidated, although its treatment in the scientific field and of the governmental politics. For sciences of the health the question involves related aspects the quality of life of the individuals and the feeding, already economic sciences relate the alimentary security with the new neomalthusianas theories, agronmicas sciences assuntam for the involved technology in the field and the theoreticians of the agricultural development deal with a question to production and distribution foods. Already the governmental politics if restrict the mitigatrias measures with programs as Hunger Zero that, saved its objective of income distribution and foods for those Brazilians in situation of extreme misery, it is still one compensatory and without any objective and clearly factual populist politics of social change. The combat the hunger is more than what one assistencialista politics of distruio of foods, since the urgent necessity of a program as Hunger Zero is resulted of one me the distribution of income and not of foods much less of its production, thus understands that the problem of the alimentary unreliability is in the macroeconomic plan of the neoliberal governmental politics, imposed successively, any that is the party in the power, since the question of the not dumb hunger of four in four years. One real public politics of alimentary security involves the access to the food by means of its distribution those in situation of economic and social shortage at a first moment and a program of assistance and support to the small agriculturist, who is in fact who guarantees the production of strategical agricultural products, today and historically, opposing the propaganda of the segment of the agronegcio and of maintenance of the large state.

The food production for agriculture peasant is bigger, most distribuida and diversified, beyond obeying the natural and productive cycles of the land; according to census of the IBGE of 2010, 40% of the Brazilian farming production comes of the small property, that 24% of lands only withhold, without arguing details as the quality of lands peasants and the large state, access on instalments and the acceptation, to the assistance technique and creation of jobs in the field. Thus, if associate to one medium and long term economic policy of assistance makes necessary the establishment of one emergencial politics the small agriculture and the agrarian reform, that the setting of the man in the land, the maintenance of agriculture peasant and the distribution of producing nuclei in all the country would provide deciding the problem of access the land and to the food. The establishment of one public politics of combat in agreement hunger the proposal is also one politics ecologically sustainable, that it refutes the status quo, exculpatory and ecologically predatory based in the great real property, that superexplores the hand of workmanship in the field, it monopolizes the natural resources and the economy of great regions in Brazil. Thus, the constitution of an ecological and socially sustainable State must primar for the increase of the quality of life of its by means of an agriculture that conciliates agricultural strategical food production for agriculture associated peasant the preservation of the natural resources and not for the increase of the productivity in not-ecological molds restricted the rockings of productivity under the ambient and social degradation.

Brazilian Government

But coming back to our Brazil, the Brazilian government is tremendously interventionist. It intervines of atabalhoada and disastrous form. It believes that to distribute food and money for the poor families it will go to decide the situation. For the opposite it will go to increase the line of the dependents of the governmental alms. solution? To imitate examples of cases of successes, with the one of the Coreia of the south or until an old example that president Roosevelt when of the implantation of the New Deal that consisted of: Job for the population; To protect the saving and the property of the citizens; To improve the life of the sick people, aged and unemployeds; To recoup the industry and agriculture. The Brazilian government if to leave to intervine in the destinations of the nation, will have to get resulted magnificent. What today it is managed by the Brazilian government? Health = True disaster; Social= providence In ruins and declared insolvent; Systems of transports: naval, railroad, fluvial, lacustrine and aerial road, all the infrastructure is compromised, without conditions of use, delayed and inefficacious what it directly compromises the costs of production of the field to the ports for exportation, of the field to the table of the Brazilian consumer.

Education: It is not commented, therefore he is chronic and agonizing the situation of Brazilian education is so chaotic that we place in them in the level of the African nations; Security: Prompt actions as the had ones in Rio De Janeiro, had demanded a military apparatus all (small been of exception or small farm) measure the meditica pyrotechnics, obtained to lessen the banditry. Banditry this that had its beginning of consolidation in the government of the Leonel Brizola, when its son Neuzinha Brizola frequented routinely and thus she stimulated the commerce of the drugs. ' ' At that time, Neuzinha started to frequent the pages police.