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In the same context the society appears of the consumption, where the media and the economy dictate on standards of living mainly to the corporeal property and consumerism. New drugs pass to be manufactured (synthetic drugs appear) others are ' ' melhorados' ' commercialized through an ideal of force, atrelados vigor and youth to an
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Health Sciences

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The access the balanced feeding and of quality is basic for the survival and quality of life of any human being, this information is known has times and guaranteed, in the terms of the law, for the federal constitution. However, the logistic one of this guarantee not yet was consolidated, although its treatment in the
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Brazilian Government

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But coming back to our Brazil, the Brazilian government is tremendously interventionist. It intervines of atabalhoada and disastrous form. It believes that to distribute food and money for the poor families it will go to decide the situation. For the opposite it will go to increase the line of the dependents of the governmental alms.
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